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2019 Rule Changes effective Feb 1st
2019 AIDKA News

We are aiming at having 2019 licences available mid January. Due to the new licencing system we are waiting for a few technical things to take place. Courtesy of Christmas and the New Year things have been held up.

This year you will still apply for your licence via the AIDKA website and then you will be directed to a new site to register as an AIDKA member. Once this occurs and you are a current member of an AIDKA affiliated club, your licence will then become activated.

There are no physical licences this year. They will be visible via an App on your phone/computer. You will only be receiving a logbook in hardcopy.
The Rule book will only be available via the AIDKA website. 
There are printer functions if you wish to print off your licence and the Rule book. Remembering that the Rule book will change approx. 3 times per year.

Once I have more concrete steps on how to apply for your licence I will post this on Facebook and email every club to distribute to every member.

Don't forget you need to be a member of an AIDKA affiliated club before your AIDKA licence becomes valid.

AIDKA Secretary

Social Media:


Recently we have seen an increase in breaches of AIDKA Social Media Policy and several penalties and warnings have been handed out to members.

The Increase in ‘Cyber Bullying’ is not good for our sport and we will not take it lightly, it needs to STOP.

AIDKA Executive are now using social media to advise members of rules changes, discussion topics and other relevant subjects. This is working and proven by comments made recently that not all members in the past have been advised by their delegates via their clubs on what is happening within the association.

We invite constructive negative and positive points of view and the way to address your point is to advise your club of those points and they will forward it to executive when it is needed.

In recent posts on group pages and personal pages we have seen good discussion on current topics, but some comments are unwarranted as they are incorrect, ill informed, unfounded accusations and derogative towards others. This is not good for our sport if we want to see growth in the future. It needs to STOP now. All this is breaching AIDKA Social Media Policy and Code of Conduct and will be dealt with.

Please ask yourself, family and friends to think before you write and ask if the intended comment is warranted, correct and for the benefit of our sport.

AIDKA Executive

GSKC 2018 News:

Creating Your Own Driver Profile For ZOHO Nomination System - Read More

Please find attached information regarding the RV Area at the Wagin Showgrounds for caravans/camping for the Chamberlains Auto Electrics WA State Title & 2018 Polylink Piping Systems Australian Dirt Kart Nationals. Please email your booking forms to the address on the paperwork. Read More

GSKC 2017 News:

It was decided at our March Committee Meeting that the 15th April race meeting will be cancelled due to being Easter weekend and majority of committee/helpers are unavailable.


To give our track crew time (as they have their own businesses to run and weekends already with commitments), the 6th May Education Day is also cancelled, Trackers have a Junior weekend on anyway.


Our next race meeting will be 20th May for the Outlaw Shootout.



GSKC Members Pit Bays:
Visitors to Great Southern Kart Club please check pit map attached and on the pin up board in the undercover area at the track before you unpack & set up for racing so you are not setting up in a GSKC Member’s Bay/s.

Please ensure this process is followed, if unsure see one of the GSKC members for guidance. PIT MAP


Unlicensed Drivers:
At the 4th February Committee Meeting it was decided that the unlicensed class/es at a GSKC race meeting will be given 3 heats per race meeting.
Unlicensed drivers will only be able to drive at 3 GSKC race meetings, after that time they will be asked to join the club & AIDKA

GSKC Executive