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“Life in the fast lane...on dirt”

Whether you are looking for adrenalin pumping action, or a fun day out with the family, then Dirt Karting may be just the thing for you.

Dirt Karting is fast becoming a very popular past time for both male and female alike. It is an inexpensive way for the whole family to enjoy the thrills of motor racing, catering for children from seven years right through to grandparents!

Dirt Karting is a great way for kids to learn co-ordination, communication and teamwork skills, preparing them to be fair competitors as they grow older. It will also teach them how to handle a vehicle in difficult situations preparing them for the time they will venture out on the road.

Dirt Karting is a great day out whether you are racing, pit crew or spectator and the Great Southern Kart Club, just two and a half hours drive from Perth, is a great place to come and see the action and thrills that Dirt Karting provides.

The Great Southern Kart Club boasts a clubhouse with full canteen and bar facilities, evening meals, hot showers, male, female and disabled toilets, bush camp area, undercover spectator’s area and a lawn area for the kids.


Great Southern Kart Club was formed in 1992.  It would not have existed at all without the efforts of Ian & Sue Ball, who graded a track out on their property east of Wagin. This is todays track just North of Wagin

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