2022 Membership:


To join the Great Southern Kart Club in Wagin Western Australia, first you need to apply for an AIDKA licence online via the link attached, and from there nominate your club GSKC as your preferred club of choice.

If you are renewing your Licence from 2021  go to your AIDKA app and press Renew.




From there AIDKA will contact GSKC and advise us of your application, here are some notes to help you along.

GSKC cannot issue a licence to someone that has not provided all the correct information:


·         Proof of age – We need this for any new members that are under 18.


·         Proof of membership – once you have paid your membership to our club we will then advise AIDKA of this so that they can process your licence.


·         Upgrading – if you are upgrading your licence weneed to have photocopy evidence from your log book that you have completed 3 meetings rear of field and received 3 Licence grade endorsement signatures in the appropriate section.  If you apply for a different grade licence to what you held in the previous year and you don’t provide evidence of the upgrade you will be issued with a probationary licence.


·         If you are on a Probationary licence you will need to provide photocopy evidence of the 3 signatures again in the relevant section, plus the page where you are signed in to a meeting.

          This needs to go through your licence secretary.  You will then receive your full licence.


·         Medical certificate if you have ticked yes to any of the medical questions and are a applying for a driver licence then you will need to attach a copy of the completed and signed certificate from your Medical Officer.

          Please remember we process many licences, please be patient, and allow a minimum of a two week turnaround, sometimes more if insufficient evidence is provided or your club membership not paid. 

Once your AIDKA application is complete, please complete the below GSKC membership forms.